Introducing my new Blog: The Point of Convergence

Thank you to those of you who follow my blog and particularly to those who take the time to read my posts about my trips and adventures to other countries.  I enjoy writing for Aculturame because it involves conducting extensive research and sharing photographs, my two favorite hobbies!

The time has come for me to begin sharing a more personal experience, one that it is very dear to my heart and that has influenced my writing in a big way; the process of migrating with my family to another country.

Leaving my native country to make a new one my home was not something that I believed was important to share with anyone.  When I was younger, I thought that everyone had similar stories and didn’t boast or made a ‘big deal’ about them.  I now realize these are the experiences that makes us unique and when we feel ready to do so, we can share them with other people.

The Point of Convergence began as a private personal journal after my maternal grandmother passed away three years ago.  She was a prominent figure in my life and in the lives of my entire family.  Her parting influenced my writing greatly.  After her passing, I began to write more for myself and less for audiences.  At the same time, I also experienced an urgent need of wanting to write more about my culture and the country I left behind when I was younger.

The Point of Convergence is the name of my new personal blog and is dedicated to the memory of my home country, while pondering about the roads I had to travel while making a new home for myself in a distant land.  The name of the blog symbolizes the place, the crossroads, where I found myself once as a child looking back realizing what I was leaving behind.  It references the intersection life between what once was and what was yet to come.

I will be sharing my experience of migration, seeking the American Dream, the internal process of grieving a person goes through after they leave their native country, cultural assimilation and the process of learning a new language, among other topics.

I invite you to follow my new blog and if you know someone who might enjoy reading about these experiences or benefit from them, please share the link or tell them about my blog.

For my Aculturame followers, don’t worry! I will continue blogging for Aculturame as well.  As a matter of fact, a new post is coming up soon! Thank you for all your support and I encourage you to leave a comment with your thoughts.

Caja de Agua Famous Historical Monument

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  1. Jess Stranger

    Hi Liz, I love it. It could be no better time than right now to share your story of immigration. It resonates with me because I also temporary immigrated to Ukraine a few years ago and lived there for some years. When I finally returned back to the USA, I felt like an entirely different person. In fact, I still feel as though I am different from this experience. Furthermore, I have immigrated my husband, who is Ukrainian, to the USA and so watching him through this enculturation process has been enlightening. Finally I am seeing it from the outside and with some important perspective. It takes a lot of bravery to make such a decision and strong persevering commitment to follow through. I congratulate you and I look forward to enjoying your personal stories about this experience.

    1. La Potosina

      Hello Jess thank you for your lovely comment! I’ve been wanting to share my personal story for a while, but I wasn’t sure of what medium to use. Moving to another country which is not your own can become lonely at times especially the first years, it is said that children and teenagers adjust faster to the process of migration than adults, but whether you’re a kid or an adult this experience does affect you. However painful or difficult this experience might be, it can help you become more compassionate towards other people and become a better listener. Looking forward to reading your stories as well!

      1. Jess Stranger

        I absolutely agree with you. Having immigrated to Ukraine for the time that I did has opened my eyes and heart to the world. I see how how very brainwashed and propaganda I never saw before is present in my nation and people. I also find myself connecting with people more with just having met them or not having met them at all. 🙂

  2. Eddie Two Hawks

    The first time I visited Mexico I never wanted to leave the country, I loved it so much. I spent over
    3 months in numerous places. When I finally returned to Tucson, I was lost. I couldn’t wait to go back.
    I started planning my return. There is something about Mexico that pulls on the heart strings.
    It pulled hard on mine.

    1. La Potosina

      I’m glad you enjoyed your stay in Mexico Eddie, you’re right, there is something about Mexico that pulls on the heart strings, I know many visitors and friends who have fallen in love with this country and they continue visiting whenever they get the chance.

    1. La Potosina

      Hello Agness, thank you for your compliment! I see that you and I think similar when it comes to traveling. I also like to explore and find those off-the-beaten-paths whenever I travel. I’m also looking forward to reading your blog posts to all those exciting places!

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