Aculturame seeks to inform, educate and inspire people on cultural, social and historical aspects of Native groups from all across the Americas. I believe that the most effective way of learning about history is through visiting actual historic places and experiencing it first-hand. I seek to create awareness about exciting places and interesting people with a connection to the history and culture of Native groups.

Aculturame was created as a blog in 2012 with The Virginia Indian Festival as its first post. Inspired by Native American and indigenous cultures in America this blog has now become an educational website to share the history, culture and traditions of groups who are usually misrepresented in the media or simply to share a different perspective than what has been previously portrayed.

The word Aculturame came to me when thinking about the word cultura. Aculturame is a play on the Spanish word cultura, which means culture. The word Aculturame, when read in Spanish, sounds like the speaker is asking the listener to ‘acculturate’ them. My goal with both the title and the content of this blog is to educate and share with people not only about my culture, but about the culture of other groups as well.  Teaching and learning about other people’s culture is not just a matter of being educated, it has also become a necessity in a society where cultural misunderstanding is often the root of many problems.

Thank you for following my blog. I hope my articles help enlighten you in area and subjects that you didn’t know before. Please share on the comments below which article you liked best.

Tlazocamatli (Náhuatl for Thank you)