Aculturame’s 10th Anniversary

September marks my tenth anniversary blogging on WordPress. I began this blog, ten years ago, as a way to stay connected to my Native American roots.

When I lived in Mexico, I was surrounded by Native American culture everywhere, in its music, food, and language.

Back then, typically on Sundays, people gathered at the plazas to watch Native American rituals such as indigenous dances, copal incense smudging, food vendors selling corn-based street foods, and ancestral music played by Native Americans invested in preserving our culture. Both young and old danced and played music, coming together to keep these traditions alive.

When my family and I migrated to the U.S., I missed this aspect of my culture, our Native American roots. It wasn’t until I was older that I learned there are Native Americans everywhere in the American continent, and I discovered Native American tribes in the U.S. I tried to learn more about them and began connecting with them.

This is how my Aculturame blog was born. I wanted to share what I’ve learned about Native American history and culture in the U.S. while also staying connected to my Native Americans roots.

A couple of years after starting my blog, I visited Mexico. I hadn’t been there in more than a decade. That trip inspired me to begin sharing more about Mexico and its indigenous culture.

The process of blogging and writing has helped me in my journey of self-discovery. My first blog posts were written in a style similar to my college essays; very impersonal with a lot of research and facts. After a few years, my writings became more personal, filled with anecdotes and travel stories. I wanted to connect more with other writers and find bloggers with similar interests.

I’ve been blogging ever since and enjoyed meeting new bloggers from around the world. This is what has encouraged me to continue writing and blogging.

I would like to thank all who read, follow, and consistently comment on my blog!

I look forward to continuing blogging on WordPress!

With a member of the Rappahannock Tribe in Virginia celebrating the Harvest Festival.

There are 11 comments

  1. leightontravels

    Congratulations, that is a milestone. I’ve been blogging for five years now and I know how much my writing has changed over time. Looking back at our beginnings is a good way of appreciating how we change and grow. Here’s to many more decades of writing, discovering and sharing.

  2. Bama

    Happy blogging anniversary, Liz! I really enjoy reading your stories in this blog because they often give me insights into Native American cultures and traditions that I wasn’t aware of. I hope one day I’ll get to try some of the dishes, see some of the festivals, and experienced some of the cultures you’ve featured here. Here’s to another decade of blogging!

    1. La Potosina

      Thank you Bama! And I really appreciate you following my blog, reading my posts and commenting, this is what encourages me to continue blogging. I hope you do get to travel to this side of the world and learn about Native American cultures, I think you will really enjoy it!

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