Take some time and enjoy this video featuring the magical world of Sir Edward James. Whenever I watch this I feel as if I am being transported to a different dimension.

The pictures in this video are of my latest trip to Xilitla, San Luis Potosi in Mexico where I share more about my experience in the following post Xilitla Beyond Edward James

For those of you who are not so fond of reading, I invite you to take a little of your time, sit back, and watch this video. Share with me what you feel as you watch this video. Does it ignite anything inside of you?

I’m fascinated with the work of Edward James in Xilitla, Mexico and how a man of noble birth (born into a well-to-do family in England) decides to venture out and plant his flag in the small town of Xilitla, located in the middle of nowhere so to speak. No electricity, no infrastructure, no one spoke English, and had none of the commodities that Sir Edward James was used to back in England.

He fell in love with the breathtaking nature of this town and decided to give life to his dreams in these pristine surroundings. Although he died before the completion of his project, Edward James left a legacy in a small town that has become famous internationally.

Share your thoughts about the work of Edward James and how does this video make you feel!


Las Pozas Xilitla

There are 3 comments

  1. Ruta Travels

    Hi girl – the places look stunning! I feel that Mexico has so rich history and fortunately loads of the sites has survived to nowadays. Have to put this on my travel bucket lit.
    – Ruta

  2. La Potosina

    Hi Ruta,
    Thanks for watching this video and my blog. Yes, fortunately, Mexico has been able to restore and preserve amazing architecture from both the Native peoples and European colonists. If you get a chance I definitely recommend Xilitla, this town is beautiful!

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