Lizzeth Montejano

Hello everyone,

I invite you to visit my blog where I will examine different aspects of cultural preservation among various indigenous groups.  I will share the work which I have done through my graduate work and independent travel as well as through my personal research.

My encouragement to write this blog comes from my fascination and passion to learn more about different indigenous groups from all over the world.  This blog will feature stories about indigenous groups, individuals and places of significant importance to various indigenous communities.

Although I do love to travel –and honestly who doesn’t– I won’t limit myself to writing exclusively about travel related to indigenous tribes.  I will also feature interesting articles on current events and new trends which will hopefully spark some interesting conversations.

I was born and raised in Mexico, and it is from there that my love and interest in everything indigenous is rooted.  As a young girl, I saw and experienced just how undervalued and looked down upon the indigenous people and their culture are.  As a child I wondered why this was so.  I had a wonderful third-grade teacher who was instilled in me a deep love and appreciation for my culture; for my indigenous roots.  She taught me that regardless of how much the dominant cultures try to influence and shape our thinking away from our origins that we must never forget where we came from and celebrate our indigenous ancestry at every chance we get.

Have you ever wondered how certain groups of indigenous tribes and their generations have been able to integrate their cultural customs and traditions into mainstream society and others haven’t?  Why do some indigenous groups have been able to preserve their culture and traditions while others unfortunately lose their culture, their history, and even their own identity?

If you are interested in cultural preservation or you just want to learn more about indigenous groups, maybe glean some interesting facts about native peoples, I encourage you to share your thoughts on my blog.

If you happen to come across my blog and you’re interested in learning more about references on any of my blog content, please please I encourage you to contact me.  Also, if you’re interested in using any of my work, including pictures, content, for any purposes please contact me as well.  Anyone who has ever done a piece of art or literary work would know how much time and effort it took to put it together, please give credit where credit is due!

If you would like to request permission to use any of my blog content please contact me at aculturame@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting my blog!

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  1. mooremisadventures

    I have happily stumbled on your blog and love your niche. I think it is so important to travel to more than your typically hot spots in order to really dig into that cultural question and discover various ways of living. I look forward to looking around your site!

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